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Sedgwick Sounty Hare Raisers Jan 8, 2012

Youth ARBA Contest Results 2011


Educational Contests:

National Winner - Creative Writing - April Ascher

National Winner- Poster-Liza Rogers

National Winner- Game-Elizabeth Mitsch


Junior Achievment

District 5 Winner & National 4th Runner Up-Victoria Bryan


Intermediate Achievment

District 5 Winner-Kaleigh Salzman


Senior  Achievment

District 5 Winner & National 3rd Runner Up-Chelsea Tucker


Limited Managment

District 5 Winner & 1st Runner Up National-Kaleigh Salzman

2nd Runner Up National-Elizabeth Mitsch


Average Managment

District 5 Winner & 1st Runner Up National-Madelynn Yalowitz

2nd Runner Up National-Chelsea Tucker


Unlimited Managment

District 5 Winner-Mason Colson


Breed ID


4th Runner Up-April  Ascher


Team Breed ID

3rd Place Senior Team

Blake Foraker-Chelsea Tucker
Annette Trieb-Jacob Dailey


Judging Contest

Intermediate-Kaci Foraker


Team Judging

1st Place Intermediate Team

Kaci Foraker-Madelynn Yalowitz
April Ascher-Kaleigh Salzman



Lady - 3rd Runner Up-Gabrielle Simmons


Prince - 4th Runner Up-Mason Colson



4th Runner Up - Madelynn Yalowitz

2nd Runner Up - April Ascher

1st Runner Up - Kaci Foraker


King- 3rd Runner Up-Jacob Dailey



5th Runner Up - Annette Trieb

2nd Runner Up - Chelsea Tucker




2-15-11 Comanche County 4-H Day held at Protection Elem/middle school.

Jacob Bruckner did a demonstration at about Havanas. He took a rabbit from each variety and explained what was required of each one according to the standard. He got 2nd Blue..aka..alternate for regionals...for Jr Demonstrations.

2010 ARBA Youth Results

ARBA Royalty Contests

Prince - 1st Runner Up-Mason Colson

Princess - ARBA Princess - Madelynn Yalowitz

Duke - 3rd Runner Up- Jacob Dailey

King - ARBA King - William Trieb
            1st Runner Up- Blake Foraker

Queen - 1st Runner Up - Chelsea Tucker


ARBA Breed ID Contest

Junior - 3rd Runner Up - Madelynn Yalowitz

Senior - National Winner - Chelsea Tucker
                2nd Runner Up - William Trieb
                4th Runner Up- Blake Foraker


ARBA Team Breed ID

Senior - 1st Place Team - Kansas
                       William Trieb, Chelsea Tucker, Blake Foraker, Annette Trieb


ARBA Team Judging

Senior - 1st Place Team - Kansas
                       William Trieb, Kyle Hostetler, Chelsea Tucker, Blake Foraker


ARBA Achievement Contest

Junior - District 5 Winner - Madelynn Yalowitz

Intermediate - District 5 Winner - Kaci Foraker

Senior - District 5 Winner & 2nd Runner Up National - William Trieb
                3rd Runner Up National Winner - Chelsea Tucker
                4th Runner Up National Winner - Blake Foraker


ARBA Management Contest

Limited- National & District 5 Winner - Kaleigh Salzman
                4th Runner Up National Winner - Elizabeth Mitsch

Average - National & District 5 Winner - Chelsea Tucker
                   4th Runner Up National Winner - Jacob Dailey

Unlimited - 3rd Runner Up National & District 5 Winner - Blake Foraker

ARBA Educational Contests

T- Shirt Contest - 5th Place- April Ascher

Art- National Winner - Elizabeth Mitsch

Photography - Kaleigh Salzman


2010 Youth Contests

Royalty Court

King: William Trieb
1st Attendent: Blake Foraker
2nd Attendent: Kyle Hostetler

Queen: Chelsea Tucker
1st Attendent: Katherine Wist
2nd Attendent: Annette Trieb

Duke: Jacob Dailey
1st Attendent: Jacob Bruckner
2nd Attendent: William Rein

Duchess: April Ascher
1st Attendent: Kaci Foraker
2nd Attendent: Megan Rein

Prince: Mason Colson
1st Attendent: Levi Bruns

Princess: Madelynn Yalowitz
1st Attendent: Kaleigh Salzman
2nd Attendent: Madison Terstriep

Lord: Elizah Reitz
1st Attendent: Nicholas Bryan

Lady: Gabrielle Simmons
1st Attendent: Ragan Rein
2nd Attendent: Danika Berens

National All Satin Show (NASS) Hutchinson, KS 2010

KS Contest winners are as follows:
Essay – Chelsea Tucker
Educational Display – Linsey Rogers
Photography – Annette Trieb
Craft – Lisbeth Haddox
Speech – Lisbeth Haddox
Technology – Blake Foraker
Judging – Blake Foraker
Junior Test – Linsey Rogers
Senior Test – Blake Foraker

KS Royalty Winners are as follows
Princess – Linsey Rogers
Duke – Benjamin Haddox
Duchess – Annette Trieb
King – Blake Forcker
Queen – Chelsea Tucker


Thank you To:
*Parents who got their youth to sit down long enough to enter Royalty.
*Vic Vogts, overall co-chair, makes all of the most difficult decisions!
*William Bryan and Alan Kennedy ran the judging contest.
*Mark Besson and Sam Oller put together and ran the identification contest.
*Diana Gauntt, gathered Showmanship judges and cracked her whip to finish record numbers!
*Nancy Kennedy, found time to set up name tags and schedules at the same time as entries came in.
*KSRBA members donated classes and individual animals for the judging and identification contests.
*Members and parents who volunteered to help with scoring applications, reading & monitoring tests,
doing oral interviews, writing for identification, judging showmanship, helping with judging.

KSRBA 2009 Royalty Court

King & Queen Court
Tasha Jongenelen, Queen Chelsea Tucker, King William Trieb, Matthew Miller

Duke & Duchess Court
April Ascher, Kaci Foraker, Duchess Annette Treib, Duke Blake Foraker, Jacob Dailey, Robert Oller

Prince & Princess Court
Madison Terstriep, Kassidy Tucker, Princess Madelynn Yalowitz, Prince Jeffery Oller, Mason Colson, Antonio Reid

Lord & Lady Court
Victoria Bryan, Gabrielle Simmons, Lady Brooklyn Terstriep, Lord Elijah Myers, Levi Bruns, Nicholas Bryan

KSRBA 2009 Contest Winners


KSRBA Scholarship Application

2009 Scholarship Winners

April Hostetler
Kaylee Maier


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